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Influencer Marketing

What is the most important thing any marketer is looking for in the market? He is looking for some great loyal brand advocates who can ease their burden of sharing the benefits of their products and services to the masses. There is no harm to have people to help you into sharing your message and amplifying its impact. As per a survey by social media today, 81% marketers agree that influencer marketing works.

Due to enormous content shared by millions of marketers promoting the products and services of their company, the consumers of today tend to see this content by cynicism. Branding is an important process which requires hard work in building the trust of your target customers into your brand. The influencer marketing provides that relevance and authenticity to your brand which your end consumer trusts. Also, just like networking influencer marketing helps increase the reach of your brand to larger audience which otherwise through traditional marketing methods will require huge capital expenditure. A start up or a small business has limited capital through which they manage all the work and spending it on marketing alone may prove bad for their business growth.

In order to reap the maximum benefit of influencer marketing, a business needs a well thought out influencer marketing strategy in hand with step by step process which can be tracked for its productivity. Here are few pointers which will help achieve just that:

  1. Know Your Products and Services- Before you start searching for the influencer who promotes your products and services. You need to know the product type and services you deliver to your customers. This helps you best pin point the influencer and his area of influence that suits your requirements. Even the output is better with small background study of self business. In case you are finding it difficult to do it by your own, you can hire the experts in business consultancy
  2. Identify the Influencers Directly Connected to You- As per the findings from Harvard Business about 75% of marketers consider finding the right influencer is the most challenging aspect of influencer strategy. You have lot at stake when you brand value is in hands of someone. The option starts from looking around you in your nearest vicinity or we can say in your networking group. These are the people whom you know personally and can trust them for best implementation of your influencer strategy. Yes they may be your relatives, friends or even your old professional contacts. The best part of it is that these people know you and your business inside out. They know the quality you deliver, thus will never finch to support you. You can prepare the list of these people and then finalize based on their credentials suiting your business requirements. However sometimes it is difficult to convince your relatives and friends due to some reasons but among the many you have, you will definitely find at least few who are more than eager to help you in your endeavor.
  3. Audiences Connected with The Influencers- This step will make it easier for you to focus on the right sets of influencers in your contact. The understanding of audience type connected with each of the influencer you have indentified helps you to know which your target audience is. As the more specific audience you can target through your influencer the better return of investment for you. One can take the advantage of various tools available in the market to analyze the behavior of the audiences connected with the influencers and the degree of their response suggest the level of influence the influencer has on them. You need to know what the audience does after the influencer has put forward certain content or shared some information. It becomes very critical to design and implement the campaigns.
  4. Design the Right Content- After you have identified and chose the influencer you believe will help you take your business to next level; you have to help him in achieving your objective by providing him with the support of right content. Ask your team to prepare content which can be shared or used by the influencer to reach his followers to convey your message. The content should contain your products and services key qualities designed in such a manner that it educates the customers and also has a strong call to action associated with it, prompting them to visit your website or buying your product and services.
  5. It Helps Create Real Time Engagement- Having an influencer marketing strategy as a part of the business growth strategy has many advantages like real time engagement with the target market or audiences. You can keep an eye on the performance of the influencers and his effect on the audiences. You are aware about any misconception that may by prevalent among the online audiences. It gives you chance to correct it in time before it becomes a big problem.
  6. Keeping the Track of the Impact- It becomes very important after you have spent a lot of time and money into the development of your strategies into the best possible way to use the influencer’s influencing area to measure the impact of the strategy. Any business cannot afford to take it for granted that having a great strategy is an assurance for success and achieving the target to increase the brand awareness and sales.

 Conclusion: The modern day marketers have many channels available to them which often cause confusion and under utilization of one or more of these available channels. Influencer marketing is one such channel which has huge potential. Proper combining with social media marketing and content marketing, it can give results beyond imagination. With this it is very important to choose the right influencer for your brand and keep regular track of his behavior online and offline to proper understand his influence audiences. We suggest influencer marketing is a must to explore area especially for the start ups and small businesses to help them create a better market for them.

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