Graphics Designing Training

Visual Communication helps provide to the point information to the audience. Research shows that visual details are remembered easily and for longer duration as compared to written form.

Graphics designs constitute the Visual communication, which aims to fulfill various purpose using typography, space, image and color. Graphics design are needed for enhance the overall looks of the communicating material.

There is a huge need of quality graphics designers worldwide, who can produce best quality visual or graphics work. The most Common applications of Graphic designing are in designing Logos, in Publications (magazines, newspapers and books), Website graphics, in Print Advertisements, Posters, Billboards, Signs and Product Packaging designs.

Coming of Social Media and its huge strategic application in Marketing has further increased the need for quality graphics. Even the new mode of mixing Information and Graphics together to form Infographics is a very lucrative opportunity for the graphics designers.

To become a good graphics designer only creativity is not sufficient you need to have a good working knowledge of the software and tools with current updates. Also, you should know how to build your own style, do content research and put them together logically and creatively.

At SINGH BIOTECH LLP, trainees are taught into the fundamentals of graphics designing tools like Coral Draw, Photoshop etc helping them implement these tools in their work and achieve a great career as a graphics designer. We also provide internship opportunity to our candidates to help them sharpen the skills they have learned. We also train them how to approach a client and get the work such that they even start their own entrepreneurship journey or work as a freelancer, earning from the comfort of the home.

Interested Students and professionals can send their queries for the training module and batch commencement details on . You can also download the brochure for more details.

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