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Biotechnology is one field of applied sciences which offer tremendous scope of diverse applications. It is a unique combination of Technology in different area which has impact on very existence of Humans.

SINGH BIOTECH LLP was formed with the aim to bring together different forms of technologies to serve various human purposes like Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Food Processing, Environment Monitoring, Energy requirements and Novel drug development.

We provide different Skill Training Programs in Biotechnology, IT, Management and also special grooming classes through soft skill training programs, where experts from the industry provide the training.

SINGH BIOTECH LLP also looks to solve small to big problems in Life Science and Biotech from Institutions to Industry level with its customized services as per the needs of the clients.

Information Technology, Big Data, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Image technologies are fast changing the way of healthcare, drug development, environment monitoring and agriculture practices. India is the best place to develop new technologies in combination with biologics to solve various problems in the world. India already has huge IT infrastructure and Pharmaceutical market with being leader in generic drug production.

At SINGH BIOTECH LLP we are looking forward to further combine the power of IT and Biotechnology to develop new solutions in various fields.

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Core Values

  • 1. Your Integrity Defines who you are
  • 2. Service delayed is Service Denied
  • 3. Work for team with team
  • 4. Quality cannot Be Compromised
  • 5. We set the standards
  • Our Strengths

  • 1. Good Understanding of the Life Science Sector
  • 2. Strategy Upgradation with Market
  • 3. Team with Professionals having Proven Track record in their respective fields
  • 4. Budget Flexibility with High ability to reuse or redesign available resources
  • 5. Innovation and Creativity forming the heart of our services
  • Our Team

    Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh
    B.Sc /M.Sc Biotechnology
    Director , Co-founder SINGH BIOTECH LLP Madhya Pradesh and Delhi
    Mr. Punit Chordia
    MBA (Information Technology)
    Founder and Owner Chordia Infotech , Rajasthan , India
    Mr. Nitin Kumar Jha
    B.Com and PGDIT
    Founder Digital Guru
    Mr. Aman Singh Bhondi
    B.Tech Biotechnology
    Microbiologist Maple Leaf Foods, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA

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