Can Skill Gap in Biotechnology be an Opportunity Today?

Yes! No need of rubbing your eyes. You have seen it right. For very long many students and even some professional have asked me what the scope of Biotechnology in India is. The most interesting part read more.

7 Give Away Signs That Your Boss Is Not a Man of Word

For any organization to grow it’s a team that works together to achieve that. And when team is working to win the game then the main onus is on the captain of the team or the boss in corporate. He is responsible for important decisions and rallying the team together towards the successful read more.

Why Life Science Should Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

Technological advancements have changed the way industries have been functioning for long, the way they were used to working and marketing their business. Life Sciences are probably the most read more.

How To Be Competitive Without Being Insecure

Each and everyone are running. Nobody wants to be left behind and been looked at as slow or underachiever. We all are the part of the competition even if we don’t wish to be. It’s inbuilt into the nature itself. It is always the survival of the fittest, the rule many think is their ultimate guide to survive till they are read more.

Networking for Finding Jobs

We Humans are social animals and we need each others’ presence to be able to survive on this planet. We look after each others’ back at times of adversity. Our social nature helps us to interact with each other and most importantly ensures we stick with people whom we like. Many people will read more.

7 Tips of Networking for Job Finding

Networking forms an important tool in finding job in present day scenario. As majority of the jobs about 60% are secured through references. These references do not come automatically. The more you socialize and meet more people the better it becomes. It is read more.

Need of Clinical Research

Clinical research is a process to determine how effective medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens are in disease management. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease. read more.

Best SEO Practices Which can Easily Boost the Sales For Small Businesses

. In digital world website is your business display board which customers evaluate to buy from you.Search Engine Optimization is the key element into using your website to market your products and services by website. read more.

Social Media To Play Important Role In Environment Protection

The role of social media becomes very important to spread the word and gain the strength for the new revolution to protect our earth and its environment for our future generations read more.

Personal Branding Is Important Even For Your Business

Brands have always been considered as the status symbol in our society. Specific brands in market define their own products line and technology. read more.


Why More of Digital Marketing Is Required For FMCG Companies?

The only problem with these small FMCG companies is that they can’t compete with the big marketing budgets of large multinationals. The smartest way to counter them is by going online and using the reach of World Wide Web in reaching the consumers at fairly cheaper cost. read more.

medicine to create awareness about drug side effects,

Why Knowledge of Drugs Side Effects Important For Patients Too?

In the digital world where even healthcare is going digital and mobile, the campaigns to create awareness is also lot easier through websites, social networking sites and applications. read more.

How to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Business

Influencer marketing is one such channel which has huge potential. Proper combining with social media marketing and content marketing, it can give results beyond imagination. read more.


Measuring the Return of Investment in Social Media Marketing

The number of people using social media platforms is very rapidly reaching 3 billion which is almost half of the world population. Due to these reasons online marketers consider social media marketing as one of the key tools to promote the products and services. read more.

training,skills, life sciences, career

8 Different Skills For Life Sciences Professionals to Enhance Their Career

If you are planning your career in life sciences or are already a part of life science professionals’ community then you must never forget that now this field requires you to constantly upgrading your skills as per the advancements and needs of the industry, your organization and most importantly your role. read more.

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In India Life sciences and Biotechnology industry have found it very difficult to promote themselves and match with their counterparts in different read more.

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