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With the excessive usage of the chemical fertilizers to increase the productivity of the soil, it has been found that soil is now fast losing its natural ability to replenish its fertility. This is alarming as it will require even higher quantity of chemical fertilizer to be applied into the same field year after year. Even these chemicals have been found to cause deadly diseases like cancer and gastro problems.

The world is now shifting to use of natural soil enrichment methods. Various microbes like Cyanobacteria, Rhizobium, Trachoderma veridie, Fungi, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria etc are been used as natural soil fixers. Vermicompost prepared from the decomposition of the plant materials and other organic waste is also a very good option for naturally enriching the soil fertility.

At SINGH BIOTECH LLP, we deal into various biofertilizers which help into increasing the crop production in a natural way. Also, we help farmers develop modern eco-friendly agricultural practices to get regular improved production.

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